October 29, 2009

Light gives life, whether it is life in the larger sense or life in the individual home. So it is natural to place rigorous demands on the lamps that illuminate our surroundings. There should always be a clear association between a lamp’s form and function. First and foremost, it should ensure functional lighting, but at the same time offer an aesthetic experience, whether it is on or off.

lightyears caravaggio

This is the founding philosophy of the company, Lightyears. A company that challenges the ways of thinking about, developing and perceiving light. For us, innovation is not just a cliché ¢ut a mantra that characterizes our entire organisation. Our determination and ability to bring the best ideas to life stem from our goal of expanding the perception of functional and aesthetic lighting. We work single-mindedly to develop lamps that set new standards in design and quality. This is why we have set our standards high, and collaborate with some of the most accomplished and visionary architects and designers. Each lamp is conceived and created from scratch, the product of close co-operation with the designer.

lightyears radon

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